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Case Supervisors

All clients will have a Board Certified Behavior Analyst assigned to their team.  All BCBA’s will be referred to as Case Supervisors. The Case Supervisor will be responsible for all aspects of clinical direction, supervision and case management.  This includes, but is not limited to, assessing baseline skills, developing all intervention procedures, monitoring the client’s progress, modifying instruction when the client is not making progress, and training the staff in all intervention procedures.  The Case Supervisors will lead all team and other clinical meetings.  In addition, the Case Supervisor will be responsible for conducting any functional behavior assessments and developing behavior support plans as needed, along with monitoring implementation of behavior support plans. Case Supervisors will collaborate with all outside professionals (PCP, SLP, PT, OT, etc.) and will provide progress summaries to all those professionals provided the parent/guardian has consented.

Behavior Technicians

One or more Behavior Technicians will be assigned to each client’s team. The Behavior Technician will provide direct 1:1 services to the client and will work under the ongoing supervision by the Case Supervisor.  The Behavior Technician will be responsible for implementing all treatment goals and corresponding treatment protocols to help the client achieve success. The Behavior Technician will also be responsible for tracking data for each treatment goal(s) to help determine if progress towards achievement of the goal(s) is being made.  The Behavior Technician(s) will be responsible for communicating with both the Case Supervisor and other team members to share important information regarding the client’s program.


Stacy Martin, M.A, BCBA, COBA


Stacy Martin is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Certified Ohio Behavior Analyst who has worked with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for over 15 years. 
Her first experience with ASD occurred during her undergraduate college internship when she was asked to help a kindergarten student who was recently diagnosed. It didn’t take her long to realize a need for better quality services for children with autism. She quickly became interested in learning more about ways to help kids who needed additional support for a variety of different skills.  Following her undergraduate graduation from Bloomsburg University, she set out for graduate school where she went on to earn a Masters of Arts in Psychology at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. As graduation approached, she accepted a positon with a local elementary school as a special education para-educator for an ABA classroom.  This was her first opportunity to apply the behavior analytic principles she had been studying.  She knew the first day on the job that she found her passion.  In addition to her school position, she sought ways to work with more kids and began working on home ABA teams as a 1:1 aide.  She absolutely loved seeing the progress in the kids she worked with.  In 2004, her husband was offered a job opportunity he couldn’t turn down and they headed to Raleigh, NC where she accepted a position at a school utilizing ABA to teach Children with Autism. Throughout her time there, she held positons of Instructor, Master Instructor, Program Coordinator, and Grant Coordinator.  It was during this time she completed her BCBA coursework through the University of North Texas.  She became a BCBA in 2007. In addition, she also held a position as a Behavior Consultant with a company whose focus was primarily home ABA programs.  These positions helped her understand and learn the different dynamics between designing and supervising home based programs compared to center based programs.  In 2011 Stacy and her growing family left NC for Columbus, OH where her children would be able to grow up closer to family. Once in Columbus, she joined a team of talented Behavior Consultants working with a local psychologist.  This position has allowed her to continue her passion utilizing ABA in home, community and school settings for children with autism.
She is excited to offer services through Positive Behavior Consulting and looks forward to helping many more families in the area.

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